Cámara Empresaria de Operadores Logísticos - CEDOL
Professional association dedicated to institutional representation of logistics operators (those companies whose principal activity is to design, implement, manage, implement and monitor processes of one or more stages of the supply chain). The Encuentro CEDOL is a half-day event that annually brings together over 700 professionals to discuss the main current topics related to the logistics operator activity and their load providers.

Asociación Argentina de Logística Empresaria - ARLOG
Nonprofit organization that brings together people who develop logistics-related activities. Its mission is the development, research, education, promotion and dissemination of science, techniques and practices that make business logistics management and the provision of an environment and means for sharing and communicating knowledge. The Encuentro ARLOG is a full-day event that annually brings together more than 500 industry professionals around major current topics related to this activity.